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It’s hard to pinpoint what makes the perfect dispensary, they’re all different but once you find your favorite it’s hard to take your money elsewhere. Colorado is a pioneer in the cannabis industry so you’ll find any atmosphere your heart desires. I can’t speak for others but as far as this old hippie is concerned here are my 5 most important factors to an awesome recreational cannabis dispensary.

  • Great Herb: There’s no shortage of amazing cannabis products, but you can get duped. You’d be surprised at the quality and how it varies, and it’s not always easy to tell while standing in front of a Bud counter. I’ve ended up with high dollar stuff that was full of chemicals. Not surprisingly, if you can find a dispensary that has excellent flower the quality is usually consistent throughout their inventory. This is my top reason for staying loyal to a select few dispensary’s.
  • Friendly customer service: There’s nothing worse than being rushed when you’re bud shopping, or rude behavior from your bud-tender. There are a lot of throwbacks like me who are still interested in what we’re purchasing, not just what’s on special. I usually pick 3 or 4 strains, everything from pure sativa to pure indica with a couple hybrids in between. Or, what if you accidentally forget and touch the herbs? If the bud-tender jumps down your throat you’re likely not going back. Buying and selling legal cannabis should be a happy enterprise, not salty attitudes allowed.
  • Short wait times: This one’s pretty simple; I don’t have all day to sit around in line. I need to be in and out in 15-20 minutes, not only do I want to get on with my day I don’t want to run into any of my customers or clients. Even at my favorite shop, if the line is too long I’ll move along to option #2. Those waiting rooms are generally kind of awkward so I try to avoid them.
  • Easy access and parking: This may seem like a strange one but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a dispensary and then had to drive around to find parking. There’s something about getting in and out with the least hassles possible that appeals to me. The spot I frequent has parking right outside and there are always spaces. It’s also right off of a main thoroughfare, and it’s in and out.
  • Professionalism: There should never have been prohibition against cannabis, but those days are almost over and that’s very important to old-school freedom fighters like myself. When I walk into a fine dispensary it’s apparent that the owner appreciates the newfound freedom many before us fought to earn. It’s no small responsibility running a dispensary and must be taken very seriously. I can tell when that’s the case and it makes me feel a lot better supporting them.

I live in Northern Colorado, a small town called Loveland and we don’t have dispensaries here. However, we do live just south of Fort Collins and there’s a little shop I hit called Kind Care on the corner of Trilby and 287 that does a fantastic job with the 5 main points listed above.

Norm Greenbaum – “Onward through the haze”
– Cannabis Blogger at Greener Groves Marketing.

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