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On June 14, 2017 By Norm Greenbaum in General


I’ve spent a lot of time at Kind Care of Colorado in Fort Collins, both as a customer and during various marketing events. I’m always amazed at the variety in their customer base.

First, the elderly people!  You’d be amazed at the amount of 65 or even 75 + customers that visit that place.  I was so proud of our state when I saw this, here are people keeping healthy the right way and finally they have a legal place to purchase their medicine.  I once saw the two cutest ladies going in, they must have been 80 and looked like best friends out having a great day.  I really wish my own mother would smoke some herb.  Too cool.

Business folks, yes, lots of suits hit the dispensary!  This is not uncommon at all, I was once the guy walking in there dressed for the city, it felt great.  The perfect example is the young female professional I was once behind.  She got out of a $50,000 BMW and headed into the shop.  Once she was being helped she proceeded tell the bud-tender exactly what she wanted, she knew what was up!  She got her herb and she rolled out of there with pride.  That’s what is happening, the stigma attached to cannabis is vanishing.

Normal 9-5 guys!  I’m not exactly in this category now but I spent 20+ years off and on in construction so these are my dudes.  Headed home from work after 9 hours of painting or building or cooking.  These are the guys who have to do it all over again in a few hours and understand that burning a few down will help their body recover rather than a few drinks, which will work the body further.  No hangover, no side effects just some good old fashion herbage to relax at the end of a long day.

Old Hippies and Stoners like me.  Ok, here’s the category I fall into, the people who are still in amazement that we’re able to buy our herb legally.  20 years ago, we were the guys going to N.O.R.M.L. meetings and hemp festivals and anything else we could do to remove the blinders from the majority of the country.  We didn’t really think it would ever happen but we knew it should.  Thanks to our amazing state of Colorado and the wonderful city of Fort Collins we bask in the glory of our early efforts and those who went to jail for unjust laws.  We’re dads who are thankful to not live in fear of being thrown in jail for smoking weed.  I see them come from every state to behold what a just marijuana system looks like and how if feels to be treated like a normal consumer.  We see what has happened and we marvel, then we buy a few different strains and we go smoke it.  We don’t eat it or vape it or whatever else, and it’s usually a one hitter, nothing crazy.

The dispensaries are like everything else in this world, they’re full of people from every background, age, race, state and country.  And, once you visit one you’ll see that everybody is happy from the customers to the employees.  This isn’t by chance, god created this medicine to heal the human body and mind, it’s been used for thousands of years before being outlawed long before many of us were alive.  It has only been legal for a handful of years now and in most states, it’s not. We have so much to be thankful for and nothing reflects our progress better than a visit to the dispensary.

Norm Greenbaum “Onward through the haze”
Cannabis Blogger – Greener Groves Marketing

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