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I work with a number of younger cannabis enthusiasts, and they love the concentrates! I’m familiar them, a little bit, but in my day they went on top of a bowl of herb and that was how it went down, not anymore. Now days they have a special rig that lets you smoke just the concentrate itself. I went on a little research mission and when I say research I mean a 5 minute conversation at Kind Care. This is for any old hippies like me out there that don’t know the story with dab rigs and nails and concentrates, here’s the deal.

I’m going to keep this simple, concentrates are the amazingly pure goo you can extract from the cannabis flower, it’s like a yellowish wax. This stuff will mess you up if you have a low tolerance, but nothing like too much western medicine. Worst case, you might be pretty chill for a while and need to kick it on couch.

It’s consumed through a regular bong with a special setup for heating the wax. You heat a titanium nail and then add the concentrate and then zap it with the torch again. Apparently you can get quite a jolt if you go too heavy but nothing a few hours won’t help you sort out. From what I can tell it’s like smoking flower at the most extreme level. I dig it because sometimes people want to take it to another level. This lets them do it without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Seriously, I’m no expert, I’ve never even tried one of these fancy face melting devices but I’m going to. I’m going to gather up a group of my old stoner buddies someday and we’re going to wax it up or whatever the young folks call it. Nobody loves trying new ways to smoke more than old hippies like me.

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  • best glass bongs

    Favorite nail is definitely quartz. Glass breaks too easily.
    The flavor of titanium can’t compare to quartz. Ceramic is nice for full melt bubble hash as
    well. Also, there is no comparison with taste
    and effects to taking low temperature dabs off a screen or an enail.


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